Why does the news make me sad?

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Unexpectedly, the news can make us sad. It can trigger our deepest emotions, including grief. Now grief is a symptom of loss, and there are all sorts of losses, like lost relationships, health, or lost opportunities. Even lost dreams.

Loss, of course, is part of everyone’s life. But for all sorts of reasons, that sense of loss can be muted. However, grief is ‘imprinted’ on our memory, it is part of who we are. Hearing about someone else’s tragedy then can bring an old memory to the surface. Sometimes we hear about these losses via the media and these stories can also trigger past grief or trauma that has not been addressed with counselling.

It is surprising how painful this can be, but it is also an opportunity for transformation. In other words, maybe the timing is right to deal with the past?

If you sense this is a time to deal with it, counselling can help. Transformation can occur by talking about the past, in a safe place, with the right person.

If the timing is right, feel free to make an appointment with me so that we can explore this.

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