When you lose a loved one ...

As Valentine’s Day draws closer, and love is celebrated, I am reminded of many people who have lost a loved one. Such a loss could be through death, or separation and divorce. The loss may be a partner, but also the loss of a child, a colleague, or a relative.

Loss is difficult and painful, even causing physical pain. This is why we refer to it as “heartache”. In the animal kingdom, it is common for an animal to move away, retreating to spend time “licking its wounds”. This can be helpful, but for us, that time can stretch out far too long. We get stuck. As such, aloneness can lead to depression and a loss of connection with others.

It can be very helpful to speak with someone else about how you are feeling. Counselling can help you move on, realizing that what you are feeling is normal, and finding new ways to engage in the world again.

I encourage you to reach out and rebuild your life. It will get better …

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