How eCounselling Works

Counselling is an umbrella term that covers a range of 'talking' therapies.  This can be short or long term to help bring about effective change or enhance wellbeing.  Counselling can enable people to develop self-understanding and to make changes in their lives.  Counsellors work within a clearly contracted, principled relationship that enables individuals to explore personal and interpersonal issues.


Technology has become an essential part of our lives - it can be useful in personal growth. Using the internet as a mode of communication for therapy may seem unconventional, but online counselling is an effective, confidential and convenient alternative to face-to-face sessions.

Benefits of eCounselling/Tele-Therapy
  • Convenience (eg. out of hours due to work; those who travel and would otherwise have to miss a session; or illness or bereavement, childcare commitments).  It saves clients time.

  • Anonymity

  • Comfort and feeling safe in your own home environment (eg. anxiety); less inhibited and more able to discuss deeply personal concerns); clients with a physical disability.

  • It can be helpful for those who are ambivalent about therapy or who may be uncomfortable with traditional models of therapy.  Can seem less daunting for some than face-to-face.

  • Online counselling may also be effective in eliminating social stigma associated with receiving therapy, eg. in private without having to visit a counselling centre.

  • Cost effective (not having to pay for petrol, parking or public transport)

  • Clients from remote or regional areas can access counselling

Potential Challenges
  • It can add to the isolation felt by clients; discuss with your counsellor

  • Technology can fail us.

  • Not suitable for clients who are experiencing profound mental health issues, eg. personality disorders, bipolar, clinical depression and other serious disorders are not candidates for online counselling.  Due to limitations in response, clients with a high risk of suicide would be better to seek face-to-face counselling.

eCounselling Requirements and What You Will Need

A comfort and safe environment

such as your home​

A working computer or phone with video call capabilities

An email address to receive an email invitation with a link to initiate the video call 

Openness and willingness to discuss deep personal concerns

Like any therapy sessions, all client records will be kept confidential.​

First Time Clients

We understand that it is important to choose the right counsellor before making a decision to see if the counsellor and therapy is the right fit, before you decide if you would like to continue. This is why we are offering a free 15-minute introductoy session for first-time clients with no obligation.


To schedule for your free introductory session, click on the button below to leave your details and Anne Ogden will be in touch within 12 hours. It's time to take control of your happiness.